Each one of us probably aspire to be able to easily understand ourselves and those around us. And so does the businesses. The leaders always want to meet the needs of their employees, their customers and their partners to achieve their business goals in the most effective way. DISC is one of the most important way to help administrators do it.

In an effort to raise the awareness of startups and support them on how to use DISC in practice as well as in the enterprise, Songhan Incubator held a course called “DISC – the art of personal assessment” for those who are passionate about startup and excited about this new concept.

DISC took place at SHi Zone – 7th floor of Da Nang Architecture University from 14h00 to 18h00 on 24/6/2018, under the guidance of Dr. Trinh Quoc Tri, the only Vietnamese teacher who succeeded in expanding human thinking about DISC.

The course was in a relaxed and lively atmosphere. Through close communication and creativity, Dr. Trinh Quoc Tri helped young people access to the DISC concept in the most intelligible way. This helped startups explore the ability to “know” and from which to act. They also knew how to understand the “mind” of each person as “one knows their minds”, “minds always change” and ” each mind is different” brings the excitement to each student. It can be seen that the psychological understanding of each person is extremely difficult and we can only explore personality when we know the correct tool to.

After analyzing the basic lessons, Dr. began to focus on the course – how to use DISC. In this course, each of the student showed off their creative ability by tearing paper into pictures. It seemed like this was just a game to make the students more energetic. But actually through this way, each person played a role that Dr. has classified and 4 groups representing 4 aspects DISC’s.

Through a simple game and illustrated short video, Dr. succeeded in showing how to recognize DISC as quick as possible. In particular, he explained that people illustrate their emotions using four behavior types: Dominance (D), Inducement (I), Submission (S), and Compliance (C). From this, each of us recognizes who we are in order to make the right decisions in the company. In addition, this is also a “powerful assistant” for those who are looking forward to becoming a good leader in the future because with DISC, we can build a rational business culture, understanding customer psychology…

Finally was the sincere thanks from CEO of Songhan to Dr. Trinh Quoc Tri and the course was ended successfully.

It is a pity for those who have missed this course! Thanks to DISC, every difficulties in businessment becomes easier. Not only administrators but each of us should also learn and apply them in the work to achieve the highest efficiency!