Having been trained in the phase 1, projects are  officially prepared for the phase 2. After a hard interview, the phase 2 starter a pitching session with the presence of projects selected by Saugliau. The competition ocoued at 7h30 in June 11, 2018 at Shi Zone – The seventh floor in Danang Architecture University.

The examiner of the competition who directly evaluated and set questions for startups. ( From the left to the right ), Ms. Pham Thi Hong Trang – The director of EMM hotel, Hoi An ; Mr. Ly Dinh Quan – The director of SongHan Incubator ; Ms. Pham Thi Ngoc Dung – The manager of SongHan Incubator.

In addition, 8 projects were set to begin a thrilling race for getting tickets for next rounds, including:

  • Split tourism projects
  • My sou vanishing cutres tour project
  • Tust order project
  • Smart job seeking application project
  • Lotus Homestay project
  • Smart camera project
  • Consignment store project
  • Smart hydroponic growing project

It can be seen clearly that the confidence and the whole enthusiasm of the candidate’s presentation were show in through the skillful orientation, lively evidence, practical method.

Team” My Sou Vanishing Cutres Tour ” – Mrs Duong Diem My pitching.

The presentations attach the attention of audience and other candidates. They suppose potential and opportunity for the candidate to find more skills and new ideas.

In the end of the competition, the examiners are asked the questions to explore information to the candidates to realize then flaw and how the project’s feasibility. We can understand that these questions didn’t make them feel difficult because they had prepared their fam mind and profamd understanding of their project.

According to professional judgement of the examiners, the round closed with 6 projects in the next phase – incubator come close to the key of start up.

VTS 2018 opens the closed to transfer their idea into action. If you have enough couragement, confidence and full passion. It will be certainly a fantastic race.