Project name:

VTS 2018 – MySon Vanishing Culture Tour

Project description:

  1. Leader
  • Duong Thi Diem My
  1. Project Location: SHi ZONE Da Nang- The seventh floor, The university of architecture ( 566 Nui Thanh Street, Hai Châu District, Da Nang city)
  2. Detail content

Exploiting the Champa culture in World culture heritage My Son.

Champa is a ancient country with a lot of unique and mystery historic sites. If you want to court Champa country, you must come and discover the My Son sanctuary monument zone, located in Duy Phu commune, Duy Xuyên district, Quang Nam province. Because Quang Nam province belongs to ancient Champa country, the Champa culture is preserved such as the bustling festivals or the racy culinary culture. That is why Founder Duong Thi Diem My put her best effort in bringing a new view of culture and traditional trait in Quang Nam province.