Project name:

VTS2017 – Upinns

Project description:

UPINNS – cheap and safe services

Long-day travel is always a perfect choice for relaxing and making the most of life. It’s even more popular when there are more and more companies & organizations and also families want to bring members on meaningful trips. In order to have such successful trips, stopping places for maintaining energy for the whole trip is very important. So how to choose the most suitable place to stop for a rest while diversified types of hotels appear more and more day by day?

With the criterion “Better sleep – cheaper expenses”, Upinns verifies and evaluates the quality of hotels, then provide the most complete and authentic information for customers on Facebook and website to have the best choice.

  • Founded in 2016
  • Founder: Vo Le Ngoc Diep
  • Slogan: Super saving, super convenient, super safe
  • Website: