SHi Incubator Journey


Time: From 18 June 2018 to October 2018

Based on the rigorous selection criteria, in stage 2, we will select 10 out of 100 potential, innovative and breakthrough ideas, involving tourism, in the incubation stage. After that, SHi together with our experts will provide the advice and trainings for those projects to complete their ideas.

STAGE 2 has been gathering no less than 100 projects that possess great potential, creativity and breakthrough all over Vietnam as parts of fields such as:

  • Travel service, entertainment: health care, beauty care, education, conference celebration, meeting, cultural activities, festivals, history, performance art, exhibition display, traditional villages, etc.
  • Transportation, travel, guide book.
  • Accommodation (hotel, homestay, guesthouse, etc.), establishments, cuisine, etc.
  • Media, advertisement, brand tourism.
  • Technology integrated into tourism, Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery.

The selected projects, of which four-month training expenses would be in sponsorship by 100 per cent, encompassing training, workshops, pitching with a great deal of native and foreign advanced coaches in Tourism Start-up, in terms of improving ideas, mastering skills, knowledge for being capable of going in for the last round so-called “ACCELERATION” in order to attract investment and eventually, be large-expanding in the market.

Day Thematic Lecturer 1 Lecturer 2
Day 1 1. Introduction to the Ancestral Journey

2. Overview of Starting a Business

3. Overview of the BMC Business Framework

4. Tower Building Games

Mrs Mai Thi Thao Chi Mrs Truong Thi Huong Giang
Day 2 1. Customer Development

2. Market share

3. Customer Segment (in the Declaration of Values)

4. Interview the problem

5. How to find customers

Mrs Truong Thi Huong Giang Mrs Ha Thi Duy Linh
Day 3 1. Build – Measure – Learn

2. Value map (in the Declaration of Values)

3. Interview the solution

Mrs Nguyen Thi Anh Mr. Vo Tien Trinh
Day 4 1. Distribution channel

2. Customer relationship

Mr. Pham Minh Tuan Mr. Tran Xuan Moi
Day 5 1. Revenue Line

2. Main Partners

Mr. Vo Tien Trinh Mr. Pham Minh Tuan
Day 6 1. Main resources

2. Main activities

Mrs Nguyen Thi Anh Mr. Vo Tien Trinh
Day 7 1. Cost structure

2. Performance Measures

Mrs Mai Thi Thao Chi Mrs Pham Thi Hong Trang
Day 8 1. Enterprise Law – issues when establishing an enterprise

2. Business ethics

Mr. Le Dinh Quang Phuc Mr. Pham Minh Tuan
Day 9 1. Presentation skills in front of investors

2. How to find investors?

Mr. Nguyen Nguyen Dinh Mrs Ha Thi Duy Linh
Day 10 1. Overview of Accelerated Journey

2. Financial presentation to investors

Mrs Mai Thi Thao Chi Mr. Vo Tien Trinh
Day 11 Group presentations – Final presentation Mr. Tran Xuan Moi Mrs Pham Thi Hong Trang
Day 12 Presenting to Investors BTC TTUT Song Han BTC TTUT Song Han

Appearances in stage “ Incubation” was made by skilled lecturers who are majoring in their own subjects for years along with flawless instructing ability, will certainly offer us a number of fascinating lessons during starting up our own businesses, making certain that converting initial ideas into companies which are always ready to get underway.

Once Stage 2 comes to an end, a lot of potential founders are able to equip themselves with sturdy baseline, getting ready for entering demanding Stage 3, the so-called “ ACCELERATION