SHi Startup Inspiration

Time: From January 2019 to May 2019

In this stage, #SHi will hold some SHi Startup inspiration trainings, each of these last 2 days, which inspires those who are passionate about Startup and gives them the opportunity, whether they have an idea or not, to have the experiences of simulating real startup projects. This  also help you to accumulate relevant knowledge in the idea building process.

During two days of training, the attendees will be trained by professional and experienced lecturers. In particular,  The attendees will study in 2 days with the following content:

Module 1. Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship ethics.

Module 2. Design Thinking

Module 3. Business Model Canvas (BMC)

Module 4. Pitching

Coming to the talk show, students have:

  • Been inspired to startup a business,
  • Listened to the most authentic story about the challenging start-up journey,
  • Been answered many questions about the information of VTS2018.