The inaugural of incubating tourism start-up VTS 2018 program  took place successfully on the morning of Jun 18, 2018 at SHi ZONE in Da Nang. At the opening session, Songhan Incubator picked out 7/70 ideas to conduct at the Section 2 VTS 2018 – SHi Incubator Journey.

These ideas are as below:

  • Project details: Homestay 1500m2 garden comes with other services.
  • Team leader: Duong Thi Thuy Hang.
  1. Traditional villages Tourism:
  • Project details: Projects has been conducted in Hoa Son ston village.
  • Team leader: Nguyen Thi Lien
  1. WIN – WIN:
  • Project details: sharing student meals cooked by students.
  • Team leader: Truong Huu Phu
  1. NUTK:
  • Project details: Just order – milk tea and coffee software.
  • Team leader: Trương Nguyen Thao
  1. APEX:
  • Project details: supplying drivers to drunker through APP.
  • Team leader: Le Thi Hong An
  1. Data analysis camera:
  • Projects details: programing a software to help restaurants, hotel.
  • Team leader: Tran Van Dai
  1. Myson Vanishing Culture Tour:
  • Project details: Setting up tours to visit My Son
  • Team leader: Duong Thi diem My

The representatives of the selected ideas already signing a contract with Mr. Ly Dinh Quan, the Director of  SHi officially enter the Section 2 VTS 2018.

Songhan Incubator extremely hopes that the projects will continue to improve and develop futher after “Incubator” round and towards the final round – “Accelerate” of the program.