During this July, SongHan Incubator has held fascinating activities. In particular, these feature courses that are well-invested attached with experienced experts, including these following main contents:

On 16/7/2018, with the aim to assist ‘Stage 2- VTS2018’, SHi ZONE Da Nang conducted the 5th course as a part of ”START-UP INCUBATOR JOURNEY”. Targeting the select projects in ‘STAGE 2’, these courses were attended by two of many well-experienced experts coming from SHi: Ms. Nguyen Thi Anh – expertising in Sales & Mar at ATM, Asia; Mr. Nguyen Tien Trinh- CEO of 3E Holding Vietnam. SHi has given priority to two most significant and necessary topics for the trainees, respectively:

  • The main sources for starting up a business and sustaining that business.
  • The main much-needed activities for a company.

The course successfully took place in a more lightened atmosphere than ever, which was made by all of the trainers as well as trainees.

Having proceeded the great success of “Week 5”, the next part of the series of these courses was officially launched again. This time, trainees was given lectures in more details by some of SHi experts: Ms. Mai Thi Thao Chi – simultaneously is a lecturer at Da Nang Architecture University, Ms. Pham Thi Hong Trang – CEO of EMM Hotel, Hoi An. The lesson, which was filled with such enthusiastic attendees, was surrounded with 2 primary themes:

  • Business expenses.
  • “Measurement” in business manager.

Furthermore, in this very stage, SHi in HCM City has been stimulated in order to set themselves for the fourth Incubation Day. Here, all projects took an opportunity and engaged in a conversation with Mr. Nguyen Tien Trinh, an Innovative Creation expert from SHi in Central part of Vietnam. Shortly after a tense warm-up activity, these projects had learned a variety of lessons, which are the most precious lessons about customers’ relationship which are well-combined with the project’ yield. The duration of 8 hours was the invaluable time for attendees to acquire amazing experiences, standing a chance to listen to the expert’s viewpoints.

This final course marked the final stage of the series of SHi’s activities in July. In coming months, SHi ZONE pledges to hold more meaningful and beneficial activities. We hope that all of you will continue to support us time after time.