To turn an idea into reality, we need not only the feasibility of the project but the investement as well. It’s essential for the starup as well as company to have the capital if they want to develop their business. To get the investement, a pitching exactly is what you want. Pitch Deck- the overview presentation about starup, is the important tool that help you improve your pitching skill and make you more confident.

With the purpose of bringing useful lessons about this tool, the Workshop “Pitching Deck – Sales & Investment ” was organised at SHi ZONE in June 08th, 2018.

The workshop was hold by Songhan incubator and Swiss EP ( the programme of supporting startup by …..) brought a lot of value to the participant.

Through the workshop, the participant understand:

1- How the pitching can CONVEY the startup stories and significant messages to the customers and investors.

2- Which issues you should FOCUS ON or should be AVOID during the construction and presentation of the Pitch deck.

The information of speaker:

Bryce North is a senior speaker of internationally renowned programs, senior consultant , trainer of capital call for Startup, and CEO of TrapTap – a well-known application in the world, with the ability of altering to drivers a road segment or area with speed limits.

The Pitch Deck lesson which had been performed by Bryce North was a solid premise for the pitching of the teams excellent beyond over 70 ideas in the Central Viet Nam in VTS 2018 which takes place June 16th 2018 in SHi ZONE.